Cancellations and Returns

                                                       Cancellations and Returns


How to get a replacement and when will I get the replacement?

Dealsncarts provides you an easy way for replacement of your product with following easy steps

My account/my order/order status/replacement.

Replacement of a product will be done after pickup of original product. Please refer to terms and condition details for successful replacement.


Products can be replace after expiry of time period mentioned in the sellers policy and returns policy?

NO request for any product replacement will be accepted after expiry of mentioned period in Sellers Policy and Returns Policy. Sellers will not be able to accept any replacement after expiry of mentioned period mentioned in returns policy and sellers policy.

Will I have to return the free gift / freebies that I got along the original products?

Yes have to return the freebies or free gift along the original products.


How to make a return request?

You can easily make a return request by following steps given below.

Login to my Account.

Returning customers.

Fill the details

Your return request will be raised.

I can’t cancel the product or my order.

It means product has already been delivered or the product is nonrefundable.


Which products are not eligible for returns?

Following products will not be eligible for returns

Auto Accessories

Air fresheners, brighteners, cleaners, degreaser, bike/car sticker/dent removers, taillight, liquid solutions, lubricants, polish, filler/putty, headlight vinyl films, sealants, oils and wax, polish, power steering,

Spa and baths

Body wash, loofah, scrubs, bath bubble, bath salt, body wash, body scrub brush, shampoos and soaps.

Baby care products

Diapers, nappy, breast pumps, bottle nipples, wipes, wet reminder, wipes warmers, chewers and tethers

Cleaning products

Surface cleaner, fabric wash products, cleaning gels, detergents, washing soaps/bars/powder, stain remover, detergent pods.

Computer Accessories

Blank /educational media, cds, dvds, music, movie and software

Food and nutrition

Chocolates and Cadbury bars, canned products, drinks, fruits, meat, seafood, syrups, vegetables, edibles, supplementaries Spices and Condiments, dry fruits


Lingeries, socks, stockings, swimsuit, vests, briefs, undergarments

Footwear and Accessories

Socks, shoe deodorant, footsole cover, shoe polish, oils, wax, grease, sprays/cream

Health care products

Band aids, medical tapes, sanitary pads, pht set, glucometer lancet/stripes, antiseptic cream and lotions, first aid medical aid and kit, medical dressing gloves, health devices, body pain, eye drops.

Gardening products

Plant saplings, plants manure, plant seeds, and soil manure

Home products

Naphthalene balls, mosquito repellants coils/vaporisers, air freshner, cement, crack filler, scuba smoking pipe/mouthpiece, bird/insect repellent, marker refills, adhesives, inks, guitar/yoyo friction, stickers, barbeque wood.


Female menstrual cup, female urination devices, cannula, contact lenses, hookah, needles, shaving products, waxing products, sanitary pads, tampons, sweat pads, smoking patch, panty liners, teeth whitening products, skin cream/ointments, toilet tissues, wipes, toilet rolls, women personal care products, fake moustache/eyebrows/eyelashes and hair wigs.


Bra and bra accessories, panties, vest, brief, panty liner, trunks, lingerie sets, boxers


Customize Jewellery, coins.

Music instrument and accessories

Oils, polish, mouthpiece pad/cap/set

Party and functions related articles

Party decorative items, balloons, candles, cut outs, customize images, whistles, sprays

Festive articles

Hookah charcoal flavour/mouthtip, incense sticks and holi/rangoli colors, sprays.

Personal care

Cream, conditioners, deodorants, ears swabs/cleaners, hair styling devices, eyebrows/eyelashes styling devices, eye mask products, skin cream, hair cream, fairness cream, intimate hygiene cream, face wash, face and body care products, fragrances, deodorants, perfumes, freshners, hair gel, kajal, contact eye lenses, eye lenses solution, lip balm, lip plumper, nail paint remover, make up remover, blackheads remover, stain remover, mascara, mehendi, nail sanding pads, oils, oral hygiene/mouth hygiene products, hand/tooth brush, sanitizers, serums, talc, sunscreen products, tanning products, tattoos, toner, braid oil/care products, trimmers

Pet care supplies

Health care/medical products, hair care/grooming products, aquarium products and consumables, horse girth/grooming kit, braid, tail, bag/hay, liniment, poultice, litter scoops, litter box, litter box enclosures, pet chew, pet food/treat, pet pad, pet hygiene, pet medical products, pet personal care products, waste bags, poultice, water trough, tail wraps, pet beds, bed products/quilts.


Lubricants, condoms, pregnancy kit, fertility kit, sexual messenger, sexual pleasure enhancement products, and vaginal dilators.


Please always refer the product returns policy on the product page