Shipping Policy

What are shipping or delivery charges?

Shipping or delivery charges are charged according to seller. It differs with each seller. Sellers levy higher delivery charges on low value goods. Charging a nominal delivery charges helps them to offset logistic cost. Please refer shipping charges of a single product.

For Products listed the order value is less than INR 500 charge for delivery per item is applied as INR 40. While, orders of INR 500 or above are delivered free.

Why sometimes there is delay in delivery of product?

We try to deliver products on mentioned date. But our shipping partners sometimes have holiday between a day order is placed and date of delivery of product. Some shipping partners do not work on holidays or Sundays so this days are added to delivery date.

What is estimated delivery time?

Estimated delivery date is date on which your product will be delivered to you. It is basically working days, business days exclude public holidays and Sundays. Estimated delivery date is dependent on following details:

·         Availability of product.

·         Sellers offering the product for sale.

·         Between Geographical distance between seller location and customer location.

Are there any hidden charges or taxes on the products sale on Dealsncarts?

NO, there are not any hidden charges or tax on the products. The prices of all the products are all inclusive. The price that is listed on the products is what you pay.

Delivery charges can be charged extra depending on sellers shipping policy.

Why seller does not ship to my area?

The seller policy of shipping the product depends on various terms.

·         Sellers terms of sale and shipping policy.

·         Legal restrictions on shipping products.

·         Weather seller sells in your location.

·         Availability of trustable courier partner in your location.

Sometimes seller decide not to deliver in certain locations, Dealsncarts are not involve in their decision. It is totally seller’s discretion.

Why COD is not available in certain location?

There are limits on the amount of cash on delivery products depending on your location, giving products on COD sometimes order value may exceed that amount. Please mention your pin code to check the availability of product on COD in your location.

How to arrange the pick-up for returns?

Dealsncarts provides easy way to return the product by login in your account you can initiate the return process. Our courier partner will arrange for pick up, in case our courier partner is unable to pick up, you can also arrange pick up by another courier company by your end. Such courier charges will bear by seller and not by us.

What are the terms like "Available", "In stock", "Out of stock", "Pre-order", "Temporarily discontinued" means?


The term Available on the product means, product is available in stock on placing the order. Estimated delivery will be dependent on sellers policy to sale, geographical distance between your location and seller location.

In Stock

Seller will mention product as In stock, such products will be available for delivery depending on seller and customer location. Estimated delivery will be between 1-10 business days where quality courier is available.

Pre Order

You can pre booked your order before the release of product on the website. Such products will be delivered after the release and launch of product on estimated date. Depending on sellers and customer location it will be delivered between 1-10 business days.

Out of Stock

This products are not currently available with the seller. Either the product is not available in required quantity or due to other genuine reason. You can click on notify me when the product will be available. Accordingly you will get notification and you can place your order.

In Stock Soon.

Those products which are not in stock or not available will be made available soon by selecting an option you will get notified once it is available in stock and shipment.

Temporarily Unavailable

This product is not available in stock currently. You can get notification of its availability by clicking on ‘Notify me’.

Permanently Discarded

This product is no longer available with the website.

Out of Display/print

This product will be permanently not available with us or product is no longer manufactured.